Beyond flexibility: 6 Benefits of adopting cloud technology

Beyond flexibility: 6 Benefits of adopting cloud technology

Many companies are implementing flexible working arrangements to keep their employees healthy, motivated, and productive. Cloud computing contributed to making this possible, but the cloud offers much more than just a friendlier office. By taking advantage of its capabilities, you can enhance your organization’s resilience, efficiency, and agility.

A cloud-enabled system is essentially a bunch of servers spread out across different locations that you can access through the internet. You can use the cloud to store files, access applications, and more. Using cloud-enabled programs, you can finish your tasks outside the office using any device that’s connected to the internet. This borderless workspace enables collaboration, improves work-life balance, and contributes to a happier workforce.

But beyond ensuring flexibility, adopting cloud technology also empowers your organization in the following ways:

#1. Transparency

There have been cases in the past when companies withheld important information, such as salary and basic workers’ rights, from their employees. A lack of openness regarding such crucial information can negatively affect your workers’ morale, and incur sanctions from noncompliance. With a cloud-based infrastructure, you can put salary and other important details in a knowledge base or a similar platform that all your employees can access anytime.

#2. Accuracy

In the Telephone Game, a person passes around a message (a word or a phrase) to a group of people. The goal is to make sure that the last person to receive the message gets it right. This game demonstrates how information tends to change as it is passed down from one source to another. Passing on an incorrect message can be fun in a game; in a business setting, it can be disastrous. Posting updates on a cloud-based platform that everyone can access eliminates the need for middlemen, preventing details from being muddled by human error. It also speeds up the flow of information across the different segments of your organization.

#3. Scalability

One of the best features of the cloud is its virtually limitless potential, both in terms of storage capacity and scalability. In the past, you’d need to invest in more servers as your business and the volume of your data grow. With the cloud, you simply have to tell your cloud service provider (CSP) to increase or decrease your storage allocation, depending on your business's requirements at any given time.

#4. Security

The cloud is one of the most secure data storage technologies today. It is protected by sophisticated firewalls to keep hackers and other cyberthreats off your files. Most CSPs also offer encryption, which jumbles your data and renders it unreadable to third parties as it travels between your organization and its storage locations. What's more, cloud technology creates multiple backups of your files so that, should a natural disaster strike your area, you can easily recover your company data, reduce downtime, and quickly resume operations.

#5. Agility

Cloud technology incorporates seamlessly with an increasing number of powerful applications and tools you need to respond to your customers’ demands, your competitors’ strategies, and your organization’s needs. By adopting a cloud-based infrastructure, you can increase your business’s speed and make it more resilient in the face of a rapidly changing market.

#6. Savings

CSPs usually charge a fixed monthly fee, which reduces or eliminates costs associated with buying new servers and integrating them into your existing system, paying for added overhead, training your employees, and paying technicians to operate and maintain said servers. A reliable cloud provider will take care of everything for you, all at a predictable price.

The cloud is a powerful and versatile technology that modern businesses need to enhance their capabilities. It can protect your organization from different threats and make it better-equipped to face both current and future challenges. Learn how you can adopt cloud technology and use it to boost your business by contacting us today.

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