Mobile Device Management

Monitor, manage, and protect BYOD environments from a central platform

Find the right balance between convenience and network security for your mobile users

The modern workplace has more on-the-go employees than ever before, and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments are becoming the standard. This can present unique challenges in IT management, especially when monitoring all the devices used and ensuring your network remains secure.

ZENOPS’s Mobile Device Management service allows you to manage and secure iOS and Android devices. Our service comes with easy-installation features, and allows you to oversee multiple device types via a central web-based platform. To ensure your systems are safe from external threats, you can set varying levels of authorization for each user.


Configure custom security settings on any device.


Use GPS to locate lost or stolen devices.


Keep track of device ownership and related settings.

Control Remotely

Take control of fees by capping data usage remotely.


Lock phones, set passwords, configure WiFi access, and wipe devices form a central platform.

According to research by Cisco, 95% of organizations allow personal devices, in some way, in the workplace.
BYOD is here to stay. Make sure your organization securely harnesses its power to boost productivity.