3 Symptoms of business inefficiency and how you can resolve them

If you want to empower your company to grow and beat your competition, you have to identify inefficient steps and processes and resolve them as soon as you can. But inefficiencies aren’t always easy to detect — some of them have become so ingrained into your operations that they are no longer readily apparent.

Save on printing costs with these 5 tips

Managing your print infrastructure efficiently is a quick and easy way to minimize your IT budget. Many small and large enterprises don’t realize that they are using ineffective printing models, but you won’t be one of them if you follow these tips. Replace outdated printers Your outdated and cheap printers may meet the absolute minimum […]

Office 365 add-ons that boost productivity

Microsoft’s Office 365 has made everyday business operations more efficient with programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook. As if that’s not enough, it also offers these add-ons that streamline users’ workflow. #1. Teams Teams is ideal for organizations that collaborate frequently. It’s an instant messaging and document-sharing platform which seamlessly integrates with Office […]

Here are 6 Firefox features you should be using

Firefox is one of the most versatile web browsers today and its potential uses only grow with each new version. Not only is it great for casual browsing, but it also has a selection of tools that are valuable in business. Here are some of the functions you should be using in Firefox: Firefox’s secret […]

Cloud hosting for business continuity

Unforeseen disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, your business could come to a grinding halt. Having a business continuity plan could prevent this from happening by securing your valuable business data at another location. But all too often, data backup can be too complicated for the average IT personnel to manage. […]

Four mobile cybersecurity threats you should take seriously

Threats to mobile device security are becoming both more sophisticated and increasing in number. As companies rely more on mobile devices for work purposes, business owners and managers such as yourself must gain the upper hand against current malicious activities before they can ever hope to defend against the barrage to come.

Security audits: Data integrity’s last line of defense

Businesses should take every precaution when it comes to data and network protection. Leverage the capabilities of a competent IT partner by augmenting their round-the-clock oversight and regularly update protocols with timely security audits. Auditing and the security strategy Audits are necessary to maintain system integrity and uphold quality. These system checks help identify security […]

Things to consider when buying a Wi-Fi router

A strong network enables your business to surf the web and access cloud productivity apps. Behind these networks are Wi-Fi routers that keep your devices connected to the internet. While there are many more components involved in setting up a strong network, your choice of router can make a huge difference. Here are some tips […]

Replace 5 productivity hacks that don’t actually work

If you want to work faster and accomplish more by the end of the day, then you probably need a productivity hack or two. No, you won’t be hacking any computer — rather, you will use a life hack, which is a technique designed to make your tasks or routines easier or more efficient.