IT for Financial Services Firms

Complete compliance for SEC and FINRA regulations

Stay compliant in a highly regulatory environment.

Financial firms operate in a highly regulated and rapidly- changing industry. You need solid, high-security protocols and technologies implemented across all aspects of your firm to protect employees, company data, and your firm’s reputation. You also need quick and easy access to sensitive information.

There’s no reason that security and convenience should be at odds. Your clients have trusted you with their private information, and you can trust ZENOPS to ensure it remains fully protected and easily but only accessible to authorized individuals. We specialize in SEC and FINRA compliance.

ZENOPS IT services offer end-to-end security for financial firms.

  • Cybersecurity testing, auditing, and data-breach response
  • Risk analysis & remediation
  • Policy gap analysis & policy creation
  • Best-in-class security technologies for SEC and FINRA compliance
  • Security awareness training & consulting

Keeping up with security standards and regulations can be daunting. Our financial-industry security services keep you compliant and moving at market speed.