IT for Healthcare Providers

HIPAA compliance made easy

Keep your focus on patient care.

Keeping a healthcare facility HIPAA compliant can be difficult in the midst of changing regulations and technologies. But this should never interfere with patient care.

ZENOPS works diligently to protect healthcare providers and their private patient data, and equip them with productivity-enabling technologies that make patient care more effective. We are HIPAA-compliance experts, able to lock down networks and encrypt sensitive resources with enterprise-level tools.

ZENOPS helps healthcare providers with:

  • Speedy, easy-to-implement & operate software applications
  • Extremely secure and highly reliable networks & email systems
  • Full compliance with HIPAA, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and other requirements
  • Remote monitoring & support to answer any questions and resolve any issues

Keeping your data secure and your facility compliant is more important than ever. We have the technology to make it all easier, so you can focus on patient care.